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C Course Description

Course details:

The National C License is an online and in-person course, that begins in 2021 with an online experience and has one in-person meeting. Candidates that register for this course are expected to attend all course meetings to be eligible to receive the license.


Coaches who register for this course can expect weekly learning opportunities that will feature a mixture of independent learning using online modules and live virtual meetings led by a licensed U.S. Soccer Instructor. Coaches will be asked to participate in discussions so each person should have access to the internet and a web-camera/live video capabilities. The virtual meetings will take place agreed upon days and times. Coaches may be asked to participate in the field component as either coaches or players.


Eligibility Requirements for the C course:
In order to be considered for the U.S. Soccer C course, all candidates must meet the following prerequisites:

  • At least 18 years of age

  • Have held a U.S. Soccer D license for at least 12 months OR meet the waiver guidelines (below)

  • Currently coaching


Waiver Guidelines:

Applicants who hold certain foreign licenses or have a minimum amount of professional playing experience may be considered eligible without holding the U.S. Soccer D License. 

Minimum pre-requisites:

  • Certain foreign licenses (subject to review by U.S. Soccer) -OR-

  • Applicant has two-(2) years playing experience with a Senior National Team and/or two-(2) years playing experience on a FIFA recognized “1st Division” outdoor professional team.

This information must be reflected on the coach’s LC profile. Official proof of playing and coaching experience must be provided via letter head from the affiliated clubs, leagues, or organization from the affiliated clubs, leagues, or organizations.

Interested candidates who wish to apply based on a waiver must request an application from US Club Soccer at